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If You are Looking for Ways to Build Muscle and Lose Fat, a Great Place to Start is Troxyphen

If you are looking for ways to build muscle and lose fat, a great place to start is Troxyphen. If you are satisfied with your less-than-stellar body, then you really need to spend some time reading this post.

After the age of 30, your muscle mass begins to diminish, right around 3-8 percent per decade. Hey, that’s not insignificant. And once you hit the age of 60, that muscle mass declines at an even faster rate. The consequence of losing your muscle mass goes well beyond simply changing your appearance. Loss of muscle mass doesn’t just mean your pecks are less toned or that you can’t run as fast as you could as a teen, these implications go beyond the fact you have changes pant sizes.

Decreased muscle mass means your body burns far fewer calories. Which means eating the same amount as you did in your youth will now result in added weight. Consider this; your muscles, providing you have any, require a lot of calories to stay healthy. Think of your muscles as a teen who is alway on the move and requires calories to keep going.

Now, if you have lost muscle mass, think of your muscles as an elderly gentleman who spends his days sitting on the couch watching television and getting continually smaller and weaker and fatter.

But even if you don’t gain weight, the weight you carry comes more from fat than from muscle. And that extra fat you now carry around increases your risk for certain conditions including diabetes, cancer and a stroke.

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